What is needed for successfull business?
Passion, reliable partners, experience competitive and required product.

DEL-CS developing and demonstrating effective cooperation between the international market and local suppliers.
Record-breaking experience in Russia & GCC Regions helps us to guide you into the profit business and sucсessful deals.

International relations require, first of all, proper planning of goals and objectives at the stage of company formation. Among the creation of a platform, a center for optimizing production or business in a particular jurisdiction, it is necessary to identify key factors at the first stages, such as: the country's legislation, the tax system, financial, legal bases and many other factors.

The main specifications of a long-term strategy are the ability to maximize the use of experience, established communications, both with private businesses and government officials. This approach will provide certain advantages for creating a roadmap, correct planning and budgeting.

We have been working in the field of international business since 2016 and have extensive ties with global financial and business partners.
DEL-CS has three main directions providing a full expertise in
Business Networking, Investment & Asset Managment.

Planned financial & marketing launch of companies into the international market, support and control with accordance to the current legislation of the country.
A unique business platform that provides services for Russian companies to enter the region of GCC.

Among our activities WLL, Holding Companies, Trusts, Investment Companies, VC Funds.

Direct communication with decision makers in Business & Governmental Sectors, where are: EDB, Ministries, Authorized agencies and other major partners.

Finance & Investment advisory.
Investment Portfolio.

We offer various investment products. Working with funds, banking products, Islamic exchanges, stocks and bonds of companies with operating profitable businesses.

Despite the different investment strategies, our successful experience has led investors to understand that only broad diversification insures possible infrastructure risks.
Banking networking, corporate accounts, private banking, offshore and investment accounts.

Financial advisory services for individuals and organizations by providing advice on budgeting, taxes, and planning for retirement according to the request and financial situation.

Our financial advisors work with banks, investment firms, brokers according to the law and legislation of the country.
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